Hiring a professional to deliver your documents or lightweight packages can save you a great deal of time, improving productivity and simplifying

your life. The key is to find a reliable courier service company that you know you can depend on to handle your deliveries in a timely manner and

with the utmost professionalism. At Southeast Legal Services, we are courteous and committed to providing a high level of customer service. That

means that ​you can count on us when you are looking for courier services ​marked by:







Southeast Legal Services offers a unique and specialized messenger service dedicated to the collection and delivery of time-sensitive documents for

law firms, advocates, financial institutions and other professionals. 

Southeast Legal Services has the necessary knowledge and understanding of the environment in which legal documents are exchanged, allowing them

to execute all services efficiently and timeously while assuring you peace of mind with your critical matters.  We pride ourselves in offering a simple yet

fast and ​reliable collection and delivery service.


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We offer low flat rate fees with no extra per mileage fees starting at just

$45.  To keep our rates exact and accurate, please contact us with the

location of the destination and the nature of the service, and we will give

you a great low rate!